Finding your Boaz?


I’m sure most girls wonder “who really is my Boaz?” I’ve been wondering myself. God gives us a deeper revelation of who our Boaz is.
When you’re fully grown into a woman and leave your parents house, the man you settle with is your Boaz. The man you spend 365days each year of your life till God calls you to his eternal home, is your Boaz. The man your generations to come will call Father is your Boaz.
How many ladies today can bodly say ” I’m a Ruth in the land” I’m sure just a handful. Yet we are earnestly seeking to know who our Boaz is. Some of us in search for our Boaz, find ourselves in relationships that doesn’t bring honour. Dear sisters, until some of us become “Ruths” in the land we’d pass by by our Boaz. Our Boaz is a once in a lifetime opportunity God gives us. If we admit and make a conscious effort like Ruth that let God be our God and seek Him each day. If we speak positive words everyday of our lives and be independent women working for the LORD to bring Him honour, the LORD would bring our Boaz our way, he’d spot us. You’d find favour in the eyes of your Boaz.
If you’re a Ruth in the land, people will testify about you to your Boaz either ways “sellout” lol. You can’t be a Ruth and be lazy. You cant be a Ruth and be actively involved in worldly things, satisfying the desires of your flesh that won’t bring  joy to the Lord. You can’t be a Ruth and be seeking men and not God ( Ruth 2:10-12). Your Boaz will pass you by! Everything you do, every step to take, how you carry yourself, people will testify your Boaz.
Your Boaz would give you comfort and show you kindness which other men won’t give you but rather take advantage. Because of you his rules will change to your favour (Ruth 2:15-16). Which girl won’t want this? Lol. Your Boaz would protect you from other men who rise up to steal, kill and destroy the woman you are, they’ll harm you (Ruth 2:21-22). When you’re a Ruth in the land, you’d build up a home to the glory of God and be recognized as a greatness in your land. The offspring the LORD gives you would be great and the Lord’s blessings would reign in your family, all the days of your life. Bless💕



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